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2008: edition of 29 plus 1 AP
380 x 390 mm; 110 pp.

Polychrome digital printing on 216gsm Hahnemuhle Art Duo paper. Single leaves, attached in pairs in a split guard system, are conventionally bound with a loose spine in undyed fair goatskin over board. The cover is embossed front and back.

The book is the consequence of a journey from letterpress printing to digital inkjet. 12pt lead rules were cut and mitred to give letterpress depictions of the walls of a castle or city. The rules were also manipulated digitally to give further wall imagery. Some of the lead quads or furniture that sit below the printing surface and helped support these rules in the press were photographed, and processed into digital images.

750 x 510 mm sheets of paper were folded into signatures and printed on all four sides by letterpress and inkjet processes. As well as the images mentioned above were many others including photographs of walls, a Mid West Lutheran log church, and a face apparently attempting to pass through both a membrane and a wall of rock.

These folded signatures were then held up to intense tungsten light and photographed both back and front. This procedure supplied four layers of imagery overlaying each other with differing degrees of focus. The photographs were then much reduced and, in their pairs as front and back of the original signatures, printed off centre of the pages of the book proper.

The book carries two short texts. One describes a day in the life of Dorothy, my grandchild and her mother, my daughter Esther; written by the latter. The other, written by me, describes a dream of age and rebirth.

Walls protect, walls constrain, and walls sometimes get run into. Five years ago I started this book, calling it 'wall', knowing that I was going to hit it. Hopefully, by running at the page, it has been passed through.

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